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International Medical Outreach

Daniel Eichinger, MD, a medical director at Magan Medical Group in Covina, a joint venture with HealthCare Partners, has probably been to Vietnam about 20 times over the last several years. His wife of 30-plus years is Vietnamese and he has traveled independently to this part of Asia to do volunteer work, providing medical and monetary support to a girls orphanage in Laos.

In March of this year, Dr. Eichinger, along with about 70 other people, took part in a DaVita Village Trust – Bridge of Life medical mission in Vietnam. The group was there for a total of five days and provided basic medical services to people in an extremely remote section of the country. The conditions were anything but easy. Each morning, the volunteers woke up at 4:30 a.m. for a prepared breakfast followed by a two-hour ride to go see patients. Medical services included checking blood pressure, hemoglobin, blood sugar, and medication. The team saw more than 500 people the first day and 800 on the last day.

“Most of the people are farmers; they age faster, they do hard work, and they are poor,” Dr. Eichinger explained. “A lot of the people had not seen a doctor in their entire life. It was gratifying that there were a lot of people we could help.” Dr. Eichinger also saw a couple of leukemia patients. In one case, a DaVita representative was able to pay for the patient to get bused to a hospital for treatment.

The lush, mountainous area was very hot at about 100 degrees with 90 percent humidity. The volunteer team worked without electricity for the first two days, yet the satisfaction derived from helping others made these inconveniences seem minor.

“You were exhausted at the end of the day, but it was probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in a long time,” said Dr. Eichinger who, in 1996, became a deacon in the Christian Orthodox Church. “For me, to be able to give back is what I’ve been brought up to believe, to help someone who can’t help themselves.”

Dr. Daniel Eichinger treating patients during a recent medical mission to Vietnam.